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Julia Wilson

Julia Wilson is a leading beauty industry professional with over 20 years of experience. 


I started my career as a makeup artist in 2002. I have worked in various environments, from beauty and fashion editorials for magazines with supermodels, celebrities, and TV and music stars to worldwide advertising campaigns and fashion shows for the top brands at London, Milan, Paris, and New York Fashion Weeks.


Researching beauty industry trends and learning the latest innovative treatments led to my discovery of microblading. It was ‘a love at first sight.’ The idea of ‘waking up with perfect eyebrows every morning’ and helping women like you to reduce the often frustrating morning ritual of preening that many modern women face was fantastic. I realized that microblading saves thousands of hours in front of the mirror every morning and boosts confidence.


I have qualifications from the world-famous top beauty and microblading school, Phi Academy. In 2018, I opened my beauty business, primarily focusing on semi-permanent eyebrow treatments and, later, non-laser tattoo removal Phiremoval. In no time, it became the leading microblading studio in London.


My biggest passion is to create the most realistic and undetectable results to make every woman feel more confident and complement her beautiful facial features while saving her time daily.


I am representing the Phi Royal Society, an inner circle of microblading Royal Artists and top microblading masters worldwide who have demonstrated exceptional abilities in microblading. Obtaining this mastery level in the PhiBrows method requires intense dedication and rare talent in the industry. And this means that you can proceed confidently, knowing you are in some of the best and most experienced hands of beauty and microblading artists worldwide. 

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