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Thank you for supporting JW Microblading Studio in these unprecedented times we are living in. I love my clients and I’m so thankful for their support while my doors have been closed temporarily. It’s been so encouraging to get on the phone or exchange messages with you all and hear what’s going on in your lives right now. Many people have asked me what they can do to help my business. And I’m so excited to tell you that I have an exclusive offer for you during the month of May! While supporting my business, you also get a gift voucher and a special thank you gift from me.

There are options for a Gift Cards or pick your own Gift Cards where you set the amount to give to your friends or family.


Receive £25 Gift Card when you purchase one valued at £100 or more.

Pick Your Own Gift Card


I have created packages for my most popular services. If there is a service that I have not created a package for, please e-mail me at and I can set up for you. 



Pay for your services now, Book later!

Did you know that you can purchase your future appointments?

You will be added to the waiting list and get your treatment done first when we will reopen.


Yep! You can select everything from a Microblading treatment to a Phinjection, and even our semi-permanent tattoo Phiremoval treatments.

Pay for them now, & schedule them when is best for you!

"It's like a little gift to your future self”


Get This Irresistible Package Deal!

The perfect way to reward yourself and feel beautiful again after being cooped up indoors.

MICROBLADING BROWS inc 1 Top Up + PHINJECTION LIPS 1ml + £50 Gift Card for your friend or family. Pumper yourself when the quarantine is over. Pay now £450  instead of £700!

Book this very special offer now and save £250!!!





All offers include Top Up in 6-8 weeks for Free (ins £100), plus £25 Gift Card

save £150 by placing your order now!


For Microblading £250 instead of £300


For Bold Brows £300 instead of £350


For Phishading £350 instead of £400


Need just a Top Up - get £50 off if you order now.



PHINJECTION for Lips, Nasolobian folds, Marionnete lines:


0.5 ml - £150 instead of £190

1ml - £250 instead of £300

 2ml - £450 instead of £550



PHIREMOVAL - Remove unwanted Eyebrows, Lips and Eyeliner tattoos:


COST PER 1 SESSION:   £100 instead of RP £150 save (£50)


Available Package Deals:

2 Sessions package -   £200 instead RP £250 (save £100)

3 Sessions package - £300 instead of 350 (save £150)

4 Sessions package -  £400 - (you save £200 compared to paying for treatments individually).


Sessions can be repeated every 4- 6 weeks apart.

Aftercare kit with instructions included.

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